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  In recent days, novel coronavirus infection has been attacked in the epidemic situation, and people have paid tribute to medical personnel, Party members and cadres, media reporters and other heroes. It is they who stick to their posts and make silent contributions that constitute the Great Wall of steel to ensure peoples life safety and health, and spread the great love of the world that people admire.


  Literature comes from life, higher than life. The Spring Festival Gala program situation report love is a bridge vividly depicts and eulogizes the battle posture of white angels, vanguard models and uncrowned kings at the scene of the epidemic prevention and control interdiction war. Isolation of virus, no isolation of love has become the consensus of the people. It has delivered unlimited positive energy on the Internet, and also strengthened the confidence and determination of the people across the country to dare to fight and win.


  Order is the symbol of modern civilized society. In the face of the increasingly serious epidemic prevention and control work, people see that some places have taken necessary emergency measures such as sealing the city, sealing the village and sealing the garden. It is an important task in the current epidemic prevention and control work to cut off the transmission channels of the virus and prevent more people from being infected. In particular, key cities, remote areas, rural areas, nursing homes and other institutions need to increase attention and support. Calculating macro accounts, overall accounts and long-term accounts, these measures are undoubtedly full of science and warmth, but also low cost management measures.


  There is no trifle in the interests of the masses. It is true that isolation will inevitably cause some inconvenience to the production and life of the masses. Its the peak season of visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival. Some party members and cadres of towns, streets and villages have taken up their posts in advance and advised them to return to visit. The scene of shivering in the cold wind makes people feel sad and worried. A small number of people who have a history of communication with key cities have isolated themselves from going out. This kind of consciousness is very necessary and touching. The grass-roots cadres and the masses spontaneously care about the food and clothing of the quarantined personnel, and solve the difficulties and problems in time. The key moment reflects the original intention, mission and responsibility. A close relationship between cadres and Party members is one of the important magic weapons to overcome the epidemic.


  As the saying goes, rumors are stronger than tigers. Of course, the separation of time and space leads to the asymmetry of information. In addition, individual people, out of some interests or excessive curiosity, have nothing to do with anything, walk with false information, creating tense air, increasing the psychological burden of the masses, and causing certain interference to the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control. Experts and scholars, cadres and workers of the health department and journalists who are extremely busy need to expose rumors and clarify reports, resulting in waste of resources. Behind this is their hard work of working overtime and sleepless nights. So at the moment, not believing in or spreading rumors, carrying out positive publicity to nearby relatives and friends, influencing and driving the masses to enhance the awareness and ability of epidemic prevention and control, is not only a kind of love to stick to the front-line heroes, but also one of the effective ways to serve the masses and repay the society as much as possible.


  If we say that there is a state and pattern of giving up small family and loving everyone, we are worthy of the first-line heroes who are abandoning their family property and neglecting sacrifice at this moment. The epidemic is raging and the whole country is fighting. If the service for specific personnel is not perfect enough, more inclusiveness than anything is real and gratifying. For example, there may be more people in line in some medical institutions, please be more patient and wait for the medical staff. In some grassroots units, such as towns (streets) with large jurisdiction and large population, Party members and cadres at the grassroots level give up rest and wait for a long time. Please give them more cooperation and support. Journalists of the mass media and news release personnel of some units deliver positive energy with the most comprehensive vision and the fastest speed. Please trust them more and like and forward.


  As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world. There is no love or affection. Unite, with our selflessness and dedication, to weave a love net that cares for the people and the front-line heroes, and victory will ultimately belong to us.


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